Blue Bus is the premier public transport company, providing luxurious and yet affordable long-distance travel in Egypt connecting Greater Cairo with most famous destinations on the Red Sea; Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Establishing a unique national passenger transport network.

Blue Bus is a subsidiary of Blue Sky Group, a member of the International Federation of Tour Operators (FTA), and being a pioneer & dynamic organization since 1971, Blue Sky Group had to move fast a step ahead of others. We were pioneers in stepping into the Red Sea and Sinai areas, which offer a lot of selective tourists and where the organization is very well established.

The studies show that buses are the most efficient way of travel and less harmful to the environment, saving energy and reducing the air pollution. Blue Bus mission is to provide the intercity bus transportation, to serve millions of domestic travelers to destinations across Egypt with a modern, eco-friendly fleet, providing safe, enjoyable and affordable travel service.

Blue Bus operates regularly scheduled passenger service; the company also establishes several exclusive services for its customers, introduced for the first time to the Egyptian market. And the company also offers charter packages for businesses, groups and traveling events at competitive rates.

We also use the latest technologies to assure safety on all our buses. For us, safety comes first: Our modern fleet of buses meets highest standards of safety and managed by highly qualified transport professionals and expert drivers. Our buses feature the latest electronic driver assistance systems to ensure your safety. ESP, adaptive cruise control, ambient light sensors, clearance lights and more. Buses are regularly maintained for quality control on every day before starting a new trip. They are also tracked and monitored 24/7 at our operations department; the speed limit is also tracked through our GPS system. We can check driving and resting periods and see the location of our buses. With Blue Bus will always let you arrive at your destination safely and just in time.

Blue Bus vision is to change the way millions of people are travel across Egypt in the coming years and provide solutions in an increasingly congested world, keeping people moving and communities prospering.