Terms and Conditions

Blue Bus for Public Transport

Dear Traveler, kindly read carefully all the instructions enclosed on this document that define the legal basis by Blue Bus Company towards the passenger (traveler). And any person traveling on the Blue Bus Service has agreed to these terms and conditions as follows:

  1. General Terms:
    • The traveler must show up at the departure station at least 30 Minutes before the trip time. In order to allow time for boarding procedures and prevent any delays.

    • Bus stops only for passengers at the official stations according to the declared route of the trip

    • Reaching to the departure station prior to the trip time is the sole responsibility of the traveler. In case the passenger misses the trip, the ticket is considered null and void and is not entitled to request a refund or compensation.

    • The bus is not allowed to return to the station or the gathering point again to pick up the passengers who are missing the trip after the bus has moved on schedule.

    • Trips may be canceled or modified. This may be the result of factors beyond the Company's control such as weather, road accidents, security instructions, emergency technical problems or any other compelling circumstances. In this case, the passenger is not entitled to claim compensation because of any damages caused by this cancelation or delay.

    • The Company shall not be responsible for any expenses that the traveler may incur in case of a delay occurs in departure or arrival time. No compensation or restitution may be claimed if there is a delay of one hour or less than scheduled.

    • Blue Bus will do its utmost to provide all the services and means advertised on the designated trips according to the service category specified in the passenger ticket such as Wi-Fi, private screen, meals, etc. But in case of non-availability, no refund or compensation is subject to claim.

    • The passenger shall comply with the instructions of the driver during the voyage. The passenger is responsible for any damage that may be caused to the seats, screens or any equipment of the bus saloon. The traveler shall bear the value of damages and damages as well as legal liability in the case of rejection of the compensation specified by the company.

    • If the traveler wishes to make any observations or complaints regarding the service, the traveler may submit only through the official channels such as the company's branch, the hotline or the official website and within five days from the date of arrival. Investigation and feedback to the traveler within 14 days.

  2. Booking Terms:
    • A ticket is valid for travel on the specified service and subject to the restrictions or data recorded on the issuance such as the type of service, date of travel, day, hour, price and all other data.
    • The traveler must check and approve all the data received on the ticket as soon as it is received. If the ticket has been issued by one of our branches or agents, it should be reviewed immediately upon receipt and notify the employee who issued the ticket immediately to amend any mistake in the booking.
    • The passenger must provide the ticket valid for travel with no damage or modification of the data and if proven when traveling the ticket becomes void and the company may refuse to return the issuance of a replacement ticket.
    • Ticket must be kept during the trip and must submit it if requested. If you do not have a ticket with you on the bus and it turns out that you do not book in advance, you must cut off another ticket according to the availability of seats and then the ticket is purchased through the driver only.
    • The company will not replace any lost or stolen tickets. If it is not possible to issue a lost ticket, the passenger must purchase another ticket in accordance with the value of the ticket declared to be able to check in.
    • In the event of an increase or decrease in the prices of the tickets announced after the purchase of the ticket, the company is not entitled to pay or refund the difference in price. Discounted tickets can not be refunded.
    • The driver may issue a ticket to the passenger at the time of departure in the event of availability of seats on the bus
    • The company may amend the published schedule or modify the ticket prices without prior notice.
    • In the case of cancellation or modification of trip time and as a result the traveler can not travel through our company, the traveller is entitled to claim a refund of the amount paid for the ticket from one of our offices. In case the traveler has already received a part of a return ticket service, the return leg value will only be refunded. The refund is to be made within 5 days following the date of travel specified in the ticket.

  3. Travel of children:
    • Children from the age of 4 years are issued a full ticket
    • A seat for children less than 4 years is not allocated and no fees are paid for their transfer if they are accompanied by their parents.
  4. Booking modification or cancellation:
    • A cancellation of the reservation or an amendment to the travel date recorded in the ticket shall be allowed against 6.6% as an administrative fee, if it is at least 4 hours prior to the trip time and according to seat availability.
    • In the event of a request to amend the travel time written on the ticket during the 4 hours before the trip time, 25% of the ticket value will be deducted as administrative fees for a single ticket
    • In case of cancellation of the ticket within 4 hours before the date of the trip, 50% of the ticket value will be deducted as administrative fees.
    • No cancellation or modification of the ticket is permitted one hour before the trip time written on the ticket.
    • In the case of No-Show by the trip specified in the ticket, the ticket becomes void and the passenger is not entitled to request a refund of the ticket or use it on another trip.
    • A request for the recovery of the value of a non-existent, lost or stolen ticket shall not be eligible if the traveler fails to make a reservation.
  5. Online booking:
    • In case of online booking, please check all data shown on the booking screen of Blue Bus' website or mobile application
    • The passenger must provide the ticket number, whether printed or on his smartphone, to be able to ride the bus. Passengers with undetermined tickets must have a pre-booked return trip to ensure seat availability.
    • The online user is not allowed to book more than 5 seats per trip, with a total of 10 seats for booking return tickets. If more tickets are required, the value of the tickets must be paid first and then proceed to another booking.

    • In the case of a request to cancel or amend a ticket, this is done by visiting the nearest branch of Blue Bus or by calling the service number (hotline) and this is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the amendment and cancellation of tickets.
  6. Traveling instructions:
    • Make sure you are on the correct bus: The passenger must make sure that he/she is on the correct bus heading to the exact place he/she booked.
    • Stop for rest: In case of stopping in the breaks, you must return to the bus in the time available for rest exactly. The company is not required to delay the departure time at the rest to wait for a passenger. It is not entitled to claim any compensation or any additional expenses may occur because of the failure of the passenger for the departure of the bus from the break.
    • Safety belts: The passenger is legally required to wear the seat belt always during the trip.
    • Smoking is forbidden either on the bus or inside our offices. Since there is no evidence about the safety of the electronic cigarette, we ask our customers not to use it while on board our buses or at our stations.
  7. Luggage and Shipping:
    • The bags/luggage are loaded by bus on the responsibility of their owners and applies the standard provisions for transport
    • Each passenger is allowed 2 medium sized bags with a total weight of not more than 35 kg, in addition to a small handbag that can be placed on the shelf in the bus saloon at the top of the chairs or in the space under the passenger's chair.
    • A shipping charge may be applied to any baggage or additional cargo with the passenger according to the shipping charges prescribed at the travel station. The traveler must pay the value due before bus departure.
    • The traveler shall be responsible for ensuring that the label of each bag or shipment is received from our office at the travel station.
    • In case of notifying the company of forgetting or losing one of the bags on the bus or inside the station, the necessary action will be taken towards it when it is found. If you do not progress within a maximum period of one month from the time we find the bag/shipment, it will be disposed of in the manner that the company sees. Any bag left or missing will be opened and checked. If anything is deemed dangerous or corrupt or unsuitable for storage, the items that have been spoiled after a period of 48 hours will be disposed of.
    • If any baggage or belongings are found to be delivered to one of our official stations immediately. If any items are found on the bus, please deliver them immediately to the driver.
    • The Company shall not be responsible for the loss or damage of passenger baggage or any of the passengers' property for any reason, unless it is proved that such loss or damage was caused by negligence or breach of service provided by the company.
    • Medicines, coins, special and official documents or any other valuables should not be loaded in the cargo room of the bus and must be attached to the passenger always without any liability to the company.
    • If the company is proven to have caused the loss or damage of luggage, the customer will be compensated no more than 100 Egyptian pounds per damaged piece.
  8. Prohibited baggage and items:
    • Food, beverages and alcohol are not allowed to be loaded or shipped on board.  Animals, birds and fish are also not allowed on board.
    • The company may refuse to transfer any of the following items in the bags and the traveler is committed not to bring on board:
      • Compressed gases: (highly refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable, poisonous and underwater)
      • Corrosive substances such as: acids, alkalis and liquid cell batteries
      • Pathogenic factors such as: (bacteria, germs, etc.)
      • Explosives, weapons, ammunitions, pyrotechnics, luminous torches, pistol capsules, shooting gun, fireworks pistol, empty cartridges.
      • Flammable liquid and solid materials such as: fuel for lighters or heaters, sulfur cans, paints, paint extension fluids, lighters and inflammable materials
      • Radioactive substances, oxidizing substances such as: (bleaching powder and peroxide), toxic substances such as: (arsenic cyanide, insecticides and spraying plants), other materials such as mercury and magnetic materials
      • Any equipment or equipment with mercury and it is maybe allowed to carry medical solutions and decorative materials in limited quantities.
      • Bicycles or similar means
  9. Limitation of Liability:
    • Blue Bus shall make an effort to provide a convenient transport service for the carriage of passengers and their baggage permitted in the journey specified in the ticket, to which all the general terms and conditions of carriage and any provisions of the Company apply. Blue Bus will work to reduce any obstacles that disrupt travel or completion of the trip.
    • The Egyptian law shall govern the liability of the carrier and its limits in respect of compensations due to the traveler and any dispute that may arise between the carrier and the passenger shall be interpreted and adjudicated in accordance with the provisions of this law. The jurisdiction of the courts of the Arab Republic of Egypt without the other country's courts and whatever other diagonals.

Blue Bus for Public Transport

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